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Depths of Complexity: 5 Ultra-Complicated Dive Watches

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If your plan was to spend less money this year on watches, you might want to skip this article. Most mechanical dive watches are priced under $10,000 (even though the iconic Rolex Deepsea, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner watches, as well as many Blancpain Fifty Fathoms models, might go for a bit more nowadays), but there are [...]

Trump “Will Probably Win” and Gold “May Rise $100” Overnight – Rickards

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Jim Rickards: Trump “Will Probably Win” and Gold “May Rise $100” Overnight The US election is just two weeks away on November 8th, and one of Hillary Clinton's most vocal critics on the business side is finance commentator and monetary expert Jim Rickards. Jim is in Sydney this week, armed with his latest book, hot off [...]

Rolex Submariner Lost At Sea Resurfaces At Christie’s, But Questions About Its Provenance Lead To Legal Investigation

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According to a bizarre story, first reported in The Telegraph, a British sailor has been contacted by Christie's regarding a watch he thought he had lost at sea, 18 years ago. The watch has suddenly resurfaced, in Geneva, Switzerland, and its current owner would like to know if Philip McColl, 68, would like to quietly [...]