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The Year In Review: The Top 20 Most Popular HODINKEE Posts Of 2016

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Well, it's that time again. The end of the year. To say that 2016 has been a big one for HODINKEE would be something of an understatement. We launched two limited edition watches, one with Zenith and one with NOMOS Glashütte, we ventured The Road Through Britain, and we brought you countless hands-on looks at [...]

The Watch I Wore The Most In 2016, By Members Of The HODINKEE Team

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As the end of 2016 fast approaches, it's time for one of HODINKEE's most time-honored traditions: The Watch I Wore Most. We've already told you which watches we liked best at SIHH and which sub-$5,000 watches you should spring for, not to mention the dozens of A Week On The Wrist and The Value Proposition stories we've brought you over [...]

The HODINKEE 2016 Video Year In Review

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In late July, on our second day on the Isle of Man, we pulled up, unannounced and a bit jet-lagged, to the George Daniels estate. Arthur, somewhat bashfully, knocked on the front door, and when the current owner appeared, he said, as casually as one can, “Oh right, I've been expecting you – I've been [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Numismatic Crime Information Center

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During the past twelve months numismatic crime has continued to impact the numismatic community. However, the Numismatic Crime Information Center in collaboration with dealers, collectors and law enforcement across the country have made several significant arrests and been responsible for the recovery of thousands of dollars in coins and currency. The targeting of coin dealers [...]

Just Because: In The Office With A Different Royal Oak (Spoiler, You’d Better Like The 1970s)

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Talking about the Royal Oak reference 5402SA is an interesting experience, for what it represents, and what it doesn't. Two-tone goes pretty strongly against the basic spirit of the Royal Oak, which was designed to be the most expensive steel watch ever made back in 1972. Yet, this did not stop Audemars Piguet from offering, [...]

Recommended Reading: Physicists Wonder, Does Time Really Exist Or Does It Just Look That Way?

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As it turns out, time is a pretty complicated thing. And I'm not talking about measuring it, or making little devices to chime out the hours, either. I'm talking about time itself. Physicists still aren't entirely sure what time is and whether it's absolute or relative. As Quanta Magazine reports, making sense of these two [...]