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Is China manipulating the gold market?

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Hedge fund, PhD statistician claims gold market is the most blatant case of manipulation PhD: Statistically impossible unless there's manipulation occurring Gold serves as political chips on the world's financial stage. Price is being suppressed until China gets the gold that they need Gold will go higher when all central banks 'confront the next global [...]

Introducing: The Panerai Mare Nostrum Acciaio 42mm

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If you are a Panerai lover, you probably recognize this watch. That's because it is the third iteration of the Mare Nostrum, dating back to the early days of Panerai. The Mare Nostrum was the first chronograph ever produced by Panerai, first created in 1943 for the Italian Navy. The design was later revived in [...]

In The Shop: A 1977 Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513, A 1956 Omega Seamaster For The Olympics, And A 1970s Zenith Super Sub Sea A3736

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Summer has officially started and you know what that means: new summer swag. We have an awesome line up of hot-weather-friendly watches for you this week including a ton of steel dive watches (like a Rolex Submariner ref. 5513) and a couple of yellow gold numbers for those hot summer nights. Read on for the [...]


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The month of June is always one looked to with anticipation, as the annual International Paper Money Show provides the opportunity to connect with friends in the currency community and of course add some new jewels to the collection. It is an opportunity for dealers to bring fresh inventory and new deals, and these are [...]


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In Rhett Jeppson, we had a rare individual leading the United States Mint. Although he knew his tenure at the Mint would likely be brief, that didn't affect his dedication or commitment to his work. Instead, he embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. In 2015 and 2016, the Mint experienced an intense period of increased productivity and [...]


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BUYING GOLD JEWELRY SPRING HILL FLORIDAEvery wonder what your 14K Gold necklace is worth? How much cash is my old gold jewelry worth? Here is a perfect example of a piece that recently came into our shop Vermillion Enterprises in Spring Hill Florida.This 14K Gold Necklace Recently Purchased in Our Spring Hill Store is Worth [...]

Why Sharia Gold and Bitcoin Point to a Change in Views

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New gold-backed currency OneGram launched Backed by one-gram of gold, uses blockchain technology OneGram is first in wave of new Shariah, tech-savvy gold products 2017 sees big changes for gold thanks to Shariah gold and blockchain Gold investors should prepare for tightening in supply Bitcoin and shariah gold demand suggest change in retail investor thinking [...]

Hands-On: The Richard Mille RM 032 Diver Flyback Chronograph

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Time is the greatest luxury, as the saying goes, and perhaps nowhere is that more true than underwater. The moment you descend from the surface, the clock starts ticking. Stay too long at depth and you risk a crippling case of the bends. Misjudge your air consumption rate and you risk running out of air. [...]