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Bitcoin, ICO Risk Versus Immutable Gold and Silver

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Latest developments show risks in crypto currencies Confusion as bitcoin may splittomorrow SEC stepped into express concern over ICOs ICOs have so far raised $1.2 billion in 2017 ICOs preying on lack of understanding from investors Physical goldnot vulnerable to technological risk Beauty and safety in simplicity of gold and silver Editor: Mark O'Byrne Forks [...]

Auction Report: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Unique Piece Sold At Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Benefit In St. Tropez (For An Undisclosed Amount)

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This is the third year in a row that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has held its annual gala in St. Tropez. The highlight of the event is a fundraising auction to benefit the foundation, which was held on July 26. The Foundation exists to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and to help [...]


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Bash food expected to be most extravagant in its history The Numismatic Literary Guild has gargantuan doings planned for the 2017 World's Fair of Money in Denver, Colorado. As always, Thursday will be NLG Day at the show-the day when the Guild will hold its two major annual events, the NLG Symposium and Bash. This [...]

Make Money Fast And Uncomplicated Selling Your Old Baseball Cards Online

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Barbie doll collecting has been around for a while now and has accomplished many things. It is safe to say that Barbie is so popular that almost every little girl owns at least one. But Barbie is not just for little girls, she is a highly collectible doll. There are Barbies made for play and [...]

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Why Collecting Baseball Cards Is An Unique Hobby

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vintage topps baseball cards Thursday, May 16- From 5 p.m. to 7p.m., craft beer fans are invited to the Monthly Beer Tasting at the Del Papa Distribution Center in Texas City, located at 1220 I-45. This month's tasting event will feature beer from Conroe's Southern Star Brewery. On tap will be old and new products [...]

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A Free Day At Disneyland And A Tax Discount For A Few Of Your Sports Cards

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The vintage baseball card collecting community has Honus Wagner. The 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card produced by the Piedmont Cigarette Company is the most rare and valuable in existence. It is believed that there are only sixty of these cards in the world and they have sold for millions. If time allows, head out the [...]

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Baseball Trading Pins Are Normally The Rage

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barry bonds baseball cards When you look over a satellite TV program guide these days and see the number of HD networks available with any package, it's difficult to decide what to watch. You may have a favorite show or you may like to explore different things every time you have the opportunity to relax [...]

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Tips For Selling Baseball Cards

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baseball card supplies Originally called The Big Thing, in 1967, Chicago was also known as Chicago Transit Authority, before settling on the name Chicago in 1969. Consisting of original members Robert Lamm, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Terry Kath, Walt Parazaider, Peter Cetera and Danny Seraphine, this jazz-oriented rock group moved to Los Angeles in the [...]

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Magic Of Baseball Displayed Onstage In Honus And Me

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These days it is hard to find a place where families can have a good time and not spend a small fortune. County parks are good alternatives to expensive movie theaters, costly arcades, and overpriced amusement parks. Surprisingly there are amusive alternatives to these high-priced expenditures. Indiana county parks have little to no entrance fees, [...]

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Sports Cards: Trading And Selling

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The people who have discovered the pleasure of collecting baseball price of baseball cards are always on the lookout for interesting varieties. People who are not interested in this pastime do not usually understand the kick that one gets when one chances on a card or a set that is rare. One of the most [...]

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Defining Mint Condition In Collecting

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old baseball card packs For many people not addicted to the game, loving baseball may be something short of insanity. For them there is no fun in watching grownup men chase a small ball, thrown or whacked by another grown-up man who obviously wanted the ball to go beyond the reach of others. But for [...]

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