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Apex Gold Silver Coin shop is among the best coin dealership in Winston-Salem NC with a beautiful coin store That will certainly purchase your Gold as well as Silver at a Fair Price stop in!!

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About usApex Gold Silver Coin shop is among the nicest coin dealer in Winston-Salem NC with an attractive coin store That will purchase your Gold and Silver at a Fair Price stop in!! Apex Gold Silver Coin is Fair we start are deal on gold at 70% unless it has rubies or the product can be re-selled [...]

Are You Looking Finest Gold Buyers

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sell 14k gold Many are dreaming of a luxurious Caribbean cruise across the pacific, the ocean breeze on a 6 o'clock breakfast and the exquisite wine on a sumptuous dinner. How about a walk around Paris? Enjoy the view and authentic Italian pasta or the "weekend golf" with the gang? No matter what your dream [...]

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The combined Heritage Dallas Signature sale and the Newman Collection Part IX realized more than $14.5 million. The currency from the Newman Collection contributed another nearly $2 million. The Newman sessions realized more than $4.5 million from just 440 lots, resulting in an impressive average of more than $10,000 per lot. The clear standout lot [...]

Internet Shutdowns Show Physical Gold Is Ultimate Protection

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– Internet shutdowns (116 in two years) show physical gold is ultimate protection – Number of internet shutdowns increased in 2017 as 30 countries hit by shutdowns – Democratic India experienced 54 internet shutdowns in last two years; Brazil 2 – EU country Estonia, a technologically advanced nation, experienced a shutdown – Gallup poll shows Americans [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Heritage Auctions awards $10,000 auction credit to drawing winner

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North Carolina recipient has enjoyed collecting coins since childhood DALLAS, Texas (Nov. 7, 2017) – Continuing a tradition that has spanned more than two decades, Heritage Auctions has awarded a $10,000 auction credit to client David Spivey through a drawing among those collectors who took part in the firm's annual numismatic survey. The North Carolina [...]

Introducing: The Autodromo Ford GT Endurance Chronograph (And A Very Special GT Owner’s Watch Too)

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Sometimes, in very rare instances, David and Goliath actually team up and do something awesome. This is one of those times. Regular HODINKEE readers will be well aware by now of the New York City–based brand Autodromo, and if you haven't heard of the Ford Motor Company, I don't know what planet you're living on. [...]

Introducing: The Ferdinand Berthoud FB1.4 In Titanium

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As you might have noticed if you're following us on HODINKEE Live, some of us are at Dubai Watch Week, where we've already seen a number of recently introduced watches, and some new releases as well. One of these is the latest version of the Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.4 in titanium, which is an updated [...]

A Week On The Wrist: The Cartier Tank Américaine In Steel

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Anniversary watches are a difficult breed. Contemporary watchmakers have a tendency to use any birthday ending in a "5" or a "0" as an excuse to create some dolled-up version of a well-known (or sometimes not-so-well-known) product as a way to manufacture demand, scarcity, and press. I often find that these watches leave me cold [...]

Introducing: The Urban Jürgensen Alfred With In-House Caliber P4

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The last time we saw Urban Jürgensen here on HODINKEE, it was to spend A Week On The Wrist with the self-winding Big 8. The Big 8 has a decorated F. Piguet movement, it's got the lovely signature UJ "observatoire" hands, the dial is decorated with honest-to-Betsy guilloché, and the price in steel is $15,300. [...]

Auction Report: Behold The Patek Philippe Wiretapping Device That Just Sold At Antiquorum Geneva

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The collection of non-watch ephemera associated with particular brands or retailers is a sideline for most collectors – an interesting sideline, but a sideline nonetheless. Still, among the logo'd golf balls, whisky glasses, sets of spoons, wacky retailer displays showing the tastes of another era, and what have you, every once in a while something [...]