Supply and Demand is known as the market equalizer. It can take any product or service and create a fair market price for any item. In theory this is how the free market should really operate, without interference from manipulators. Supply and demand is more of an economic price determent than anything. It takes a market item (product) and finds the equilibrium price using demand for a product and quantity supplied by producers and creates a bisecting line that allows market makers to find the optimal production rate and price.

(Q) If gold is fluctuating wildly in price I don’t want my new buy order to be held up with some sign up procedures. If one of our readers wants to open an account at BullionVault, how long does your sign up, fund and buy process usually take?

(Q) I’d like to see the use of digital gold (DGC) become more mainstream, and gold used more for daily business and money transactions. Do you agree that Internet business could be expanded in this direction or should we only be using gold as a store of value, a trading and investment vehicle and a ‘better’ savings account?

The huge majority of gold transactions in the world are undelivered. This includes unallocated gold, i.e. most pool accounts, most of the popular certificate schemes, and almost all gold bought through banks. Undelivered gold exposes buyers to default because the gold is not theirs in law. So BullionVault is exceptional in that every trade is delivered at the instant of trade. BullionVault gold includes the right to take possession. But on BullionVault you choose not to take immediate possession: you leave that decision pending some future crisis, because postponing possession will almost certainly save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

(Q) Do you have any tax reporting requirements on a customers sale of gold….if tomorrow I sell a million dollars worth of BV gold, is that sale reported to the tax services?

Getting There: The closest Rome subway stop is Piazza di Spagna (Metro Line A). Walk down from the Spanish Steps. Keep on going straight and you will be on the street called Via Condotti. Walk a few blocks on the right side until you reach #68. As you are walking, you’ll notice many high end fashion shops like Hermes and Versace. At #68, some flags will be flying above the street, and at street level, a gate opens to the palace inside. Unless you have official business, you won’t be allowed in. Don’t let that stop you, as you can turn right at the next corner at Via Bocca di Leone #68, and go inside the post office and “>coin shop Pine Hall