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Many are dreaming of a luxurious Caribbean cruise across the pacific, the ocean breeze on a 6 o’clock breakfast and the exquisite wine on a sumptuous dinner. How about a walk around Paris? Enjoy the view and authentic Italian pasta or the “weekend golf” with the gang? No matter what your dream get away is, it just seem impossible with all the recession and global turmoil.

The easiest and the simple way to sell jewelry and to make money are to sell them to a scrap watch buyers. There are numerous companies who buy gold jewelry. They even buy scrap gold and melt them to reuse them. They will give you the proper price according to the prevailing market. They measure the gold as troy ounce. Always find a reputable buyer. Get the quotes from them. You can check various websites to compare the quoted price. Check whether they are offering you nearly the value that you have expected. Precious stones like diamonds, gold and platinum will fetch you good money.

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You may be wondering though how to sell gold for cash if you don’t know the value of your gold pieces. For instance, gold jewelry comes in many forms – the most common of which are earrings, bracelets, necklaces and timepieces. You should avoid selling these for their scrap value because the retail value is higher (hovering at 75% at the most.) Scrap value means the buyer is buying your gold for the value of the metal alone – the retail value allows you to factor in the aesthetic value of your gold pieces so that you can sell gold for cash at a higher price.

If you’re wondering how much your gold is worth and a competitor doesn’t publish their price, beware! Many gold buyers and jewelry buyers will not publish their prices or provide a straightforward answer because they don’t want you to know how little they pay for your gold!

After you gathered all the gold jewelry that you have lying around in your house, you can simply contact the best cash for gold websites. They are going to send you a special postage-paid envelope that you need to put the gold in. Send it and you will get the money in just a few days. You can even talk to friends or family members that might have extra gold items that they do not need. This will translate into cash for gold offers and you can obtain more money. Thousands of people have already sold their gold and got cash in return. There is no reason why you should not be one of them.

Returning the gold. One should find out the policy of the company on returning the gold if they do not find it good enough or way beyond their rates. Some unscrupulous companies would not return the gold even if they don’t intend to buy it. So make sure before giving your gold, they have a good returning policy in case the buying cannot be done.

Solar power is completely dependent upon silver. Every photovaic cell, every solar panel, every battery is constructed with or utilizes silver in an indirect way. Silver stores and conducts electricity at 95 to 100 percent. No other metal can do that. As a mater of supply and demand, there is more gold available above ground than there is silver. Expect this year’s silver prices to outpace last year’s prices. And prices in the future are expected to exceed this year’s prices. Many analysts predict prices to reach $50 an ounce within the next 10 years.