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Even though Cleveland hasn’t had a World Series win since 1954, the Cleveland Indians are having a fairly good season this year (currently 2nd place in the Central Division of the American League). However, if you are a huge baseball fan then you don’t want to miss the chance to go back in time and experience how it was at the roots of base ball (Yes, it was two words back in 1867) and attend the World Tournament of Historic Baseball being held at Greenfield Village located at the Henry Ford Museum complex in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14, approximately a 2.5 hour drive for Clevelanders.

While the NFL has probably captured the top spot in the minds of sports fans, the connection of collectors and baseball is still best among any of the major sports. Look at eBay or any other source and you’ll see that the number of baseball card storage for sale trumps them all.

It’s a lot like that Vintage baseball cards scene at the end of the movie Trading Places when Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy are trading futures on frozen concentrate orange juice. When everyone wants to sell, it becomes frenzy…with no end in sight. With little or no stability in prices.

Looking for a more utilitarian way to make your bookless bookcase work for you in your home? Then use it to store those dishes that never seem to fit in the kitchen cupboards. With a little creativity, a few kitchen friendly touches and smart packing, you can find homes for small appliances, punchbowls and that urn full of corkscrews. In the pantry it could hold canned goods and canisters, too.

You need money quickly, what do you do? That is easy, you look around and see what you have to sell. If you have a collection of buing baseball cards Hudson that you do not want anymore, you can sell them in an online auction to make money fast and easy.

16. Beginnings – 1971 – Failing to chart on its initial release in 1969, it was re-released in 1971 with a new B side, “Colour My World” and went Top 10.

One of the great ways to pick up some extra cash if you’ve got a truck or a pickup is to perform “Man with a van” services. How to earn extra money with this? Well, you’ll see this advertised on Craigslist all the time, especially in cities where few people have cars, and professional moving services tend to price gouge. Charge whatever you think is realistic – you can do research on this online – and always be courteous and diligent. Once you’ve built up a reputation as a prompt and hard worker, you’d be surprised at how much cash word-of-mouth can bring in for you. And that is the point, after all, isn’t it?

You can even start a simple blog detailing your hobby and put ads on it using Google AdSense. That way, whenever anyone visits your blog and clicks on an ad, you get paid for it! Start evaluating how you can turn your hobby into a business today, and implement a plan to make those dreams come true.