Silver can be used as an investment like any other precious metal. Silver has been regarded as money for more than four thousand years. However, silver had lost its charm over the past years when new precious metal comes in existence like gold, platinum etc.

In most collections there will be an assortment of tokens and medals. Unless they are very old and rare they typically sell for a few dollars each. Since there isn’t a standard reference that

More importantly as investors and institutions lose faith in the currency of their nation we will see a huge demand spike in silver bars and coins. These investors are willing to pay higher prices in order to protect their wealth. This demand for more silver will cause prices to drive higher as to prevent a repeat of what the Hunt Brothers did back in the 80’s. Not only do you have individual investors purchasing physical silver but you have stock exchanges purchasing silver as a part Futures contracts. These futures contracts allow an investor to “own” silver without having to store the silver themselves. They can demand their silver at any time by exercising their contracts. The futures market is a lot larger than you can imagine and prices will move based on the demand.

Once you are confident in your guesswork you will need to see what the actual experts say have to say about the old coin value. The best thing that you can do is to visit your local