One of the best coins to begin your coin collecting with, is the buffalo nickel. This particular nickel was minted from the years 1913 to 1938. It was the first time that the image of an American Indian was placed on US coinage, and therefore it is also called the Indian head nickel. Many people also consider this to be one of the best designed coins in US history. So, if you are looking to add one of these to your collection; where do you look?

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If the coin does not have the “S” San Francisco mint stamp on it, don’t waste your time because the coin is essentially worthless. Ike silver dollars with the “S” stamp contain .3162 troy ounces of silver.

DGCs are designed to enable you to spend gold. I want it to act as a store of your wealth, so at BullionVault, instead of encouraging merchants to accept gold, we eliminate them from the equation altogether, which gives us a safety feature which DGCs can’t offer. In complete contrast to a DGC your BullionVault gold can only return to you, which is, I think, why the average holding of gold in BullionVault is very much higher than the average holding of a DGC.

Certainly. Where new customers are referred to us by inbound links off other peoples’ websites we share 25% commission with the referrer. They get it credited automatically to their own BullionVault account at the instant the client trades.

No matter what market it was created for, when it reaches your hands it is still valuable as an investment. Sterling contains only 92.5% of the precious metal, so it is not as valuable as the “fine” 99.9% variety, but don’t sell it in your garage sale. These items will be more difficult to sell than coins or bars, but coin shops, scrap yards, and eBay are all dependable options to receive 80%-95% of the precious metal’s market value you hold.