Take all your players who are low in fitness and morale and place them in your reserves and then play a match. You will come out of it and notice how it’s gone up, back into the 90s. It might take more time and it only really works when you have multiple squads but it definitely saves you precious coins. You can even put gold players in there even if you play in the silver cup since the game only counts the sub bench.

As for coins, the problem is that they are bought on very large premiums to the spot price, they are sold at substantial discounts to the spot price, and they leave you with all the domestic storage problems which wealthy people try to avoid. I keep six gold “>coin dealer Stokesdale to enhance his collection.

Fourthly insurance is very expensive. These problems are easily avoided if you store your gold in an offshore location where it continues to be legal, and – still in its high integrity form – easy to sell.

To take advantage of the recent upswing in the public’s interest in gold bullion coins, Sometimes they buy coins back from the secondary market (i.e. from regular coin dealers), put them in a presentation box and then sell them to the unsuspecting public at huge premiums (nice work if you can get it eh?).

Silver is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to invest your cash. As with any investment, there is risk and the value of your investment will fluctuate up and down over time. I hope you are able to invest in Silver and enjoy the ride!