Treasure hunting begins at home. People regularly find famous old books and valuable antiques in their attics, so get up there and look. One couple opened their walls while remodeling, and found them insulated with thousands of old and valuable movie posters. In the thirties a theater owner ahd put them there. The couple sold $200,000 worth of the posters, the last I heard.

“>coin dealer Germanton, and their inventory may contain dozens of items, or may be completely sold out in times of high investor demand.

For $10 you can buy a gold pan, and start prospecting. It’s easier to see the gold in the green plastic ones. Most federal lands are open to prospectors without a permit. I’ve only seen gold in my pan in Canada (there isn’t much gold in Michigan), but people have better luck in the mountain streams of the southeast and southwest. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon in any case.

But this isn’t about that. I’m not writing in hopes that she’ll see it and direct another smile my way, but rather simply to remind you that sometimes, it’s not the tour guide in the beautiful cathedral that will show you a country. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a happy face in an old coin shop.