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Discover Where To Buy Silver Bullion

Looking for a five ounce silver America the Beautiful bullion coin? More people collect US coins than those of any other nation so a mintage of 33,000 is a drop in the bucket when it comes to satisfying demand. What should have been a mintage three times larger shrunk due to technical difficulties at the US Mint.

Generic coins, or rounds, are generally produced by private mints who create coins with interesting designs, but have no rarity or special value associated with them. They are commonly printed with the words “.999 Fine Silver” and “One Troy Ounce” to make the contents of the coin clear. The value of a round is based on the content of the precious metal, not for the condition or rarity of the coin.

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So, arm yourself with knowledge. Learn what to look for. Visit a coin shop or bullion dealers and handle the coins you are interested in. Avoid anyone who tries to pressure you into buying. Then, when you feel confident, walk into a store and buy what you can see.


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