Gold is a precious possession one can have. There is nothing like owning bullion – the exact expression of gold’s value. If circumstance will allow, for sure one would like to keep hold of gold forever. However certain circumstance that brought one to sell gold for cash. May it to augment ones financial needs, to dispose broken jewelries, to eradicate disliked jewelries, or just the liking to have cash on hand among others. With the unstable economy and high rates of gold, many consumers will find this a good deal.

The second thing, when you want to know how to sell gold jewelry for cash, is where to sell your gold. You can find various pawn shops and jewelry shops where you can sell your gold. However, both parties are middle man in this purchase. Therefore, they can offer you limited cash for the sake of their own profit. At jewelry shop, you can only receive good price of your jewelry if it is in perfect shape otherwise you will only get price of scrap.

The term “melt value” refers to the price of gold after being melted down and sold as bullions. When you are selling or buying gold you should make sure that the price is as close to the melt value as possible. In the case of jewelry, selling close to the melt value is not really the best option. Turning good jewelry to scrap gold just to sell to cash for gold jewelry traders would be a huge waste. In this case, jewelry appraisal should be done. The craftsmanship and rarity of the jewelry should be taken into account. In this situation, the amount of gold in the jewelry will not be the only deciding factor on determining its value.

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Satisfied sellers. It is important to note how many customers have positive feedback on the company. Some companies might be in the business long enough however they still have bad reputation. Stay away from this shady company. A fair dealer will have more positive comments with which to compare. If ever there are negative reviews given, there should be more positive reviews to compare with.

Obviously a gold buyer that gives his prices in pennyweight is as unreliable as the sell your gold for cash that doesn’t give prices at all. So go with your gut than when the buyer tells you a flat offer or that he is paying more, chances are he is not. No one likes to be taken advantage of so do your homework first using these tips and you can still make great money selling gold for cash!

A gold buyer will buy any golden jewelry, whether white or yellow, from those who no longer need or want it. This precious metal is getting a huge rate of return right now, and as a result, it gets top dollar. You will be able to get a significant amount of money because of this. The company who purchases your jewelry will then re-purpose it either as a new piece of jewelry or as the precious metal by itself. They make a profit because of the high value of this metal on the current market.

Another option that you can consider to make some cash for gold is auctions. People who come to auctions come to get the best deals. So, if you have something that is not of real value then there is no point choosing the auction route. However, if your gold is of very good value you can expect to get a very good price for it since buyers in an auction drive up the price of your gold if it valued as a very good investment. Many consider auctions to be the best option to get some real cash for gold.

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