The latest data from California’s Employment Development Department shows that the county’s unemployment rate increased to 10.5% in July. As you’ve learned over the past few years the data from the state agency and the national Bureau of Labor Statistics are flawed. The data only reports the people who are actually looking for work along with the people hired during the reporting period.

We are not aware of any at all. I hope that does not suggest complacency. We reconcile all our cash statements and bar lists every day, and publish the result on-line. We send statements to all customers monthly. We provide extensive feedback to registered email addresses when things happen on their accounts, and we notify log in to cellphones via our Burglar alarm. There is a subtlety about the Burglar alarm and the mandatory return of cash to a customer’s own bank account which is worth sharing. If a criminal logs into an account the account owner will probably contact us immediately – if their cellphone is switched on.

In most collections there will be an assortment of tokens and medals. Unless they are very old and rare they typically sell for a few dollars each. Since there isn’t a standard reference that covers all tokens and medals, I would recommend taking a look on eBay to see you have anything of great value. Some medals will be made of gold or silver. If this fact isn’t on the face of the medal, check on the edge. Many old medal will list the purity of the silver on the edge as either 999 or Sterling (925) silver.

Absolutely not. If you could, then anyone who used a clever keyboard logger to find out your password could move your savings away from you. On BullionVault you have a permanently linked bank account which can only be changed by duplicated requests from yourself and your new bankers. It cannot be changed on-line. This is what I mean about BullionVault storing value. When you want to pay people use a payments system. DGC’s are pretty good, so are checks, and cash, and credit cards, and PayPal. We don’t compete in the payments system space.

Getting There: The closest Rome subway stop is Piazza di Spagna (Metro Line A). Walk down from the Spanish Steps. Keep on going straight and you will be on the street called Via Condotti. Walk a few blocks on the right side until you reach #68. As you are walking, you’ll notice many high end fashion shops like Hermes and Versace. At #68, some flags will be flying above the street, and at street level, a gate opens to the palace inside. Unless you have official business, you won’t be allowed in. Don’t let that stop you, as you can turn right at the next corner at Via Bocca di Leone #68, and go inside the post office and “>coin shop High Point

The first place to start on your journey of coin collecting is right in your pocket. That pocket change from the vending machine or left over from grabbing your morning coffee can be the perfect entrance into this hobby. Although coins might have a high numismatic or metal value they still may be in circulation at their face value and just waiting for you to find them and add them to your collection!

Our total was $116. On our statement that they sent, they break down your total by metal. Each metal is further broken down into “units”, and how many units you sent in and the payment per unit. Cash4Gold’s unit is not an ounce, or any other verifiable “unit”. It is an internal measurement to Cash4Gold. This means that the consumer has no way of comparing what they were paid by Cash4Gold to the current market value of each metal.

So, if you are looking to get your very first Buffalo Nickel, try these three places first: in your change, at your local coin dealer, and online. Best of luck!