Investing In Gold Coins

//Investing In Gold Coins

Investing In Gold Coins

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We charge a monthly fee. It is 0.12% per annum charged monthly in arrears, and it is subject to a $4 per month minimum. You will pay $4 a month if your holding is less than $40,000. $100,000 stored will cost you $10 per month. You can use all three vaults if you wish, as this doesn’t escalate your storage bill. Those fees includes insurance. Gold is very easy to store because there are no complex stock splits, dividends, rights issues etc to administer. It simply sits quietly in a highly secure vault. That’s why our storage rate at 0.12% per annum (less than 1% after 8 years) comes in at less than a tenth of share portfolios which I read recently charge an average of 1.31% per annum in management fees.

Which brings up the most important point – education. Before starting to collect coins beyond the “pocket change” phase, it is important to do your homework. This will do two things. First, it will save you a lot of money. Knowing which coins are rare and having a good idea of what the values are of any coin you’re interested in collecting will spare you buyer’s remorse when you learn you paid way too much money for a comon coin.

In other words now that know the old coin value you can keep it in your collection and start hunting for more old coins or could you sell the coin. Of course there’s also a good chance that if you hang on to your old coin long enough, the value of it will climb steadily over the years.

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