Old Coin Value – What’s Major?

//Old Coin Value – What’s Major?

Old Coin Value – What’s Major?

There are a lot of coin how-to’s on the internet, in publications that you can purchase and even advice from seasoned collectors but there is very little in the way of how to start a collection for beginners. The information can be overwhelming and confusing. From which coins are out there that beginners have never even heard of to techincal jargon such as MS, PR and VAM for example. Where should you start? Here are my top five tips for breaking into the facinating world of coin collecting without breaking the bank.

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My husband chose the quick pay option, so included in the package was our form with our bank account information so that they could direct deposit our ‘cash’ into our account. According to their website and all their correspondence, they deposit your money within 24 hours of receipt of the “kit”.

Once you are confident with the coin grading process, the next step should be to see what an actual expert has to say about the old coin value. You can usually get a good opinion by visiting your local

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