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These Vintage Baseball Card luminaries are perfect for decorating the kitchen table, the coffee table, or even as gifts for the grandparents and other family members.

For any baseball fan, stepping onto the grounds today is to take a step back into baseball history. Last summer, the director of the League Park Society, Russ Haslage, gave a personal tour of the grounds, and you couldn’t help but share in his enthusiasm.

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Go Vintage baseball cards with a com extension. It seems as though the search spiders favor .com over all other options. The only exception to the rule is if you’re eligible for a .org, .edu or .gov extension.

That work, however, represents a small subset of what he’s capable of. Turns out — as this recent post on Club Mumble shows — he’s also an impressive sports illustrator.

There is no admission fee and all are welcome to attend. Come out and see history brought to life with a vintage baseball cards doubleheader and a tour of the League Park grounds.