When one thinks of investing, he or she typically thinks of the stock market. Stocks and bonds have always received the most attention in the media when it comes to investments. Well, things are starting to change. Gold and specifically Silver are now becoming very strong investments that will allow you to invest your cash. As gold is quite expensive I would like to show you how Silver is now an affordable way to invest your money now in hopes of a stronger financial future.. In effect I will show you how to manage your cash in a very productive way and the advice is free of charge.

When Norm lay dying, the hospice nurse told him that Jesus was holding out his hand to him. He was able to let go and be with Jesus. That is what inspired my painting. I painted Jesus with Norm as a little boy. It is not that great of a work of art, but the sentiment was what mattered.

Generic coins, or rounds, are generally produced by private mints who create coins with interesting designs, but have no rarity or special value associated with them. They are commonly printed with the words “.999 Fine Silver” and “One Troy Ounce” to make the contents of the coin clear. The value of a round is based on the content of the precious metal, not for the condition or rarity of the coin.

Metal detectors start under $200. I’ve found a few hundred coins, but none of them have been valuable ones. When the city tore up old sidewalks, a woman in our town used her detector to find coins . She sold one to a local