Silver-The Poor Mans Gold

//Silver-The Poor Mans Gold

Silver-The Poor Mans Gold

Are you looking for a good gift for someone you know who collects coins? You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a gift for the coin collectors on your Christmas list but you can if you want. It is easy to find an expensive coin that is rare and unique if that is what you want to give someone for Christmas who collects coins. You can look on the net, Ebay or go to a local coin shop to find unique and different coins that would be great in someone’s coin collection. Or you can get the person on your Christmas list supplies for their coin collection.

I loved Norm. He was not only a friend from church but also a neighbor. He was born in Scotland and even had a kilt. He was raised in Chicago and was rough around the edges. I really related to Norm. His wife Annie and he looked alike but were as different as day and night. She is a pacifist and a Democrat. He was a Republican and a veteran of the Marines. She is very perfectionist and prim. Norm was a slob with papers everywhere in his “>coin shop Clemmons

My husband chose the quick pay option, so included in the package was our form with our bank account information so that they could direct deposit our ‘cash’ into our account. According to their website and all their correspondence, they deposit your money within 24 hours of receipt of the “kit”.

Visit the U.S. Mint’s website. This website not only has a great product catalog, but it also has a huge databank of information on coins from history to design to everything in between. It’s a valueable resource for new collectors. As your interest grows, purchasing directly from the mint ensures that you are getting genuine coins in phenominal condition. At the U.S. Mint’s website, you also see coins. You see proof sets, mint sets, uncirculated coins in all denominations. What this does is expand your collecting tastes to include items you were not aware of before. Their prices are competitive and the long-term value in terms of just the information there is definately worth the time to study the site even if you are not ready to make a larger monetary purchase.

Once we look outside of the consumption of silver then we must look at the metal in another light. Silver is a store of wealth for many people. The great thing about silver is that it is a natural earth metal so humans cannot simply create it in a lab. With that in mind we look know that miners make up the supply side and consumers will make up the buyers side. If production increases and consumers want less silver, then prices will fall until consumer feel silver is at a good value. Conversely if production falls and consumers demand remain the same price of silver will increase.

Make sure that you enjoy hunting for silver coins so that this will not become just another job. Forums like Coin Community, Coin Talk, and SilverSeek will help increase your knowledge of coin collecting.

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