Sunday Rewind: Think You Hate Tourbillons? Think Again. 2d769169d8b03593842ed35887a0553d

People either love tourbillons or hate tourbillons. Very, very few people feel anywhere in the middle. Those in the former camp will opine that they’re beautiful, technically interesting, and embody the spirit of mechanical horology; those in the latter camp will argue that they’re unnecessary, flashy, and in poor taste. But we here at HODINKEE believe in a middle way. Back in 2016, responding to comments made in the office by both Cara and Stephen , Ben (typically a non-tourbillon kind of guy too) decided to find a handful of tourbillons that could convince even the greatest skeptic of their value. He found seven – and boy are they good.

Sunday Rewind: Think You Hate Tourbillons? Think Again. greubel forsey sihh 01

There is a pretty diverse array of watches in Ben’s round-up, but they all share a few things in common. First, these watches all share an innovative spirit, meaning they aren’t your stock-standard tourbillons. Whether it’s the use of silicon on the escapement, an extra-long power reserve, or dramatic, over-the-top finishing, there’s something special about each of these watches that breaks the mold a bit. They’re also all watches that have some modern personality – nobody is going to mistake any of these watches for something from yesteryear. Dig in, we think you’ll be convinced. Let us know in the comments below.

You can read Ben’s original story right here.