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How Start A Coin Collection

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Everything that we have has some type of value placed on it. Some of these values are given based on how we feel about them. Other items are given values that have been assigned by others. This basing of values applies to old coins and the other coins that you will find coin collections. While [...]

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Coin Collecting Isn’t For Only Children

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A few weeks ago, my husband asked me if I had any old jewelry I didn't want anymore. He told me he had seen an advertisement on television for a company who would take jewelry or other precious metals and send you cash in return. We try to keep the content high quality. We don't [...]

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Silver-The Poor Mans Gold

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Are you looking for a good gift for someone you know who collects coins? You don't have to spend a lot of money for a gift for the coin collectors on your Christmas list but you can if you want. It is easy to find an expensive coin that is rare and unique if that [...]

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