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The Honus Wagner T206 – The World’s Most Valuable Baseball Card

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Even though Cleveland hasn’t had a World Series win since 1954, the Cleveland Indians are having a fairly good season this year (currently 2nd place in the Central Division of the American League). However, if you are a huge baseball fan then you don’t want to miss the chance to go back in time and experience how it was at the roots of base ball (Yes, it was two words back in 1867) and attend the World Tournament of Historic Baseball being held at Greenfield Village located at the Henry Ford Museum complex in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14, approximately a 2.5 hour drive for Clevelanders.

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Last, talking to the baseball card enthusiasts, it is clear that true wealth belongs to the select few. The experts who have specialized and are buying and selling buing baseball cards Crystal Springs full time.

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I had a great time with my grandfather that day as always. Looking at the vintage baseball gloves brought back a flood of memories from his youth and mine. I’m so glad I have someone like him in my life. My wife and I are expecting a baby in the fall and I can’t wait for the baby to meet their great grandfather. I’m sure, girl or boy, he and I will be able to pass on our love of baseball to the baby. Having multiple generations in your family is a special thing.