This Week’s Golden Nuggets

//This Week’s Golden Nuggets

This Week’s Golden Nuggets

News, Market Updates, Charts and Videos You May Have Missed

Here is our Friday digest of the important news, market updates, charts and videos we covered this week.

The crisis in emerging markets deepened this week with currencies around the world collapsing in value and gold reaching new record highs in these fiat currencies. Equity indices in emerging markets have seen sharp drops and now developed markets are seeing weakness in their stock markets.

It is important to consider the potential impact on the wider markets and the risk of contagion to our inter connected, indebted and vulnerable financial markets and system.

Video This Week


Market Updates This Week

September Is The Best Month For Gold and Worst Month For Stocks

Real Gold and Silver – 7 Reasons Robert Kiyosaki Owns Them

Video: Gold Surges To Record Highs In Emerging Market Currencies

Gold Remains An “Excellent Way to Hedge” for Longer Term – BNP

This Week’s Golden Nuggets gold safe haven bloomberg

Watch Bloomberg Video of BNP Paribas’ global head of equity derivative strategy Edmund Shing on hedging the U.S. markets and gold as a long term hedge and insurance


Charts This Week

This Week’s Golden Nuggets MW GP251 gold b 20180830093855 ZH


This Week’s Golden Nuggets image 13


This Week’s Golden Nuggets gold in turkish lira


This Week’s Golden Nuggets inflation wheat oil



This Week’s Golden Nuggets deepening losses


This Week’s Golden Nuggets silvers malaise

Source: Comex via Bloomberg

This Week’s Golden Nuggets tarnished silver

Source: Bloomberg


News and Commentary

Gold imports in India jump two-fold in August as traders replenish inventory (

Gold up as dollar slips against yen on trade issues (

Gold Prices Rise on Safe-Haven Bid, Weak Job Creation (

U.S. factory orders fall in July on weak aircraft demand (

U.S. Service Industries Expanded in August by More Than Forecast (

This Week’s Golden Nuggets indian gold demand


Is This the Biggest Buy Signal for Gold Since 2001? (

What Turkey Can Teach Us About Gold (

Gold market intervention by BIS declines after $100 price plunge (

In crisis 10 years ago – and 3 ways to handle the next crisis (

Paper Money Eventually Returns To Its Intrinsic Value – Zero (

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

06 Sep: USD 1,204.30, GBP 931.65 & EUR 1,035.82 per ounce

05 Sep: USD 1,194.70, GBP 932.46 & EUR 1,031.74 per ounce

04 Sep: USD 1,195.75, GBP 932.57 & EUR 1,034.20 per ounce

03 Sep: USD 1,201.70, GBP 933.00 & EUR 1,035.75 per ounce

31 Aug: USD 1,206.85, GBP 927.58 & EUR 1,034.03 per ounce

30 Aug: USD 1,202.35, GBP 924.25 & EUR 1,028.49 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

06 Sep: USD 14.27, GBP 11.03 & EUR 12.27 per ounce

05 Sep: USD 14.17, GBP 11.05 & EUR 12.22 per ounce

04 Sep: USD 14.25, GBP 11.11 & EUR 12.33 per ounce

03 Sep: USD 14.53, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.50 per ounce

31 Aug: USD 14.66, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.56 per ounce

30 Aug: USD 14.67, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.54 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

– Gold Remains An “Excellent Way to Hedge” for Longer Term – BNP Interview

– Video: Gold Surges To Record Highs In Emerging Market Currencies – New Highs In USD, EUR, GBP In the Coming Months?

– September Is The Best Month For Gold and Worst Month For Stocks

– Pound Investors Face Months of Volatility Into Brexit Endgame

– This Week’s Golden Nuggets

– Video: “Financial War” Deepens as Russia Buys Gold and Dollar Hegemony At Risk – Rickards on CNN

– Will Indebted Nations Globally Follow Venezuela Into Hyperinflation?

– End Of Dollar Hegemony May Happen Soon and Badly Impact Indebted America

– 10 Incredible Photos From Venezuela Show The Disastrous Risks Of Currency Devaluation

– This Week’s Golden Nuggets

– Video: Is Silver Set for a Massive Breakout?

– Banks Now Long Gold, Short Dollar. What Do They Know?

– Russia Buys 800,000 Ounces Of Gold In July

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