Relatively speaking I am a newbie to the Web World, but in that short time I have read and learned a lot. So much so that I feel my eyes bulging, my head pounding and I am in need of some serious sleep after spending so much time grading baseball cards. The interesting fact for most web users is to make money and be independently wealthy. There is the lure of abundant and ever flowing fountain of money hidden in the internet, or so we have been led to believe.

Civil War Reenactment – Confederate Major Harry W. Gilmor’s 1864 raid on the General Store will be reenacted on June 18th and 19th of June. This could be a great Father’s Day activity with the family if your husband is a history buff! The reenactors will also reenact Ishmael Day’s disatrous attempt to fly the Union flag. On Saturday June 18th the soldiers will set aside their differences to play a vintage buing baseball cards Webster game.

He went and got his old baseball mitt from the attic. It was the coolest baseball mitt. I couldn’t believe he had kept his old baseball mitt all these years. We spent a lot of time reminiscing about his days in little league Vintage baseball cards. He played for a many years. Then we talked about him coming to watch me play baseball when I was a kid. I forgot that bought me my first glove.

Garage and yard sales are chock full of low cost merchandise. Often, people do not fully realize the quality of the good they have for sale. They just want to get rid of all the ‘junk’ they have laying around the house quickly. Not only can you find low cost merchandise at the sale, but you can often get a bargain by buying up leftovers in a lot at the end of the sale.

I have seen other websites offer a “poll of the day” or a “survey of the day” and so on. The list is endless. Whatever it is you choose should be related to what your website is about. If you buy old baseball cards it wouldn’t make much sense to do a daily poll about politics now would it? Probably not.

Again, if you are selling these yourself use the tools available to you. Get delivery confirmation on every card you ship, if the card is high dollar use insurance as well. This assures you protect yourself, not just from scam artists on line, but from disaster striking from the post office or carrier you select. Bottom line, this is going to be a business and you should treat it as such.

There are many more ways you could find to save money but these can get you thinking. It might be an enjoyable exercise to take an average day or week and see where you can cut expenses that you have become accustomed to by habit. Test yourself and see how much you can save.