One of the most fun things about trade shows is running into the people behind the brands and seeing what they’re wearing on their wrists. When I ran into Robert-Jan Broer, I saw the prototype of the Omega “Speedy Tuesday” limited edition. And about three minutes before I ran into RJ, I ran into Mr. Eric Giroud. For those who don’t know his name – and to be clear, unless you’re in the industry, most would not – he is one of the most prolific watch designers today. He’s worked for everyone from MB&F to Van Cleef to Tissot to Vacheron Constantin and even Universal Genève many moons ago! You might know know his name, but you surely know his work, and we featured an interview with Giroud a few years back during The Road To Basel

So what was this great designer sporting on his wrist? A Heuer Carrera from the 1970s – specifically one of my favorite references of Carrera, 1158CHN. This is an 18k yellow gold Carrera with golden dial and black sub-registers. This reference is relatively rare and was given to Formula 1 drivers at times. What made this golden Carrera even more special is it is actually a family heirloom – Jack Heuer is actually the uncle of Eric’s wife. Yes, Switzerland is a small place.

The reason why I chose to take a picture of this watch and feature it here? Well, because you don’t see a lot of vintage watches at the SIHH and you don’t see a lot of Heuer in particular, and to see such an influential person in the industry going this route, and again with a personal favorite, was just plain cool.