About Apex Gold & Silver

Apex Gold Silver Coin strives to offer fair pricing and the largest coin collection in Winston Salem stop in on the weekend and check us out.


We specialize in coins, currency, jewelry, watches, and the buying and selling of precious metals.

Located in Cooks Flea Market and servicing 1000s of customers a weekend by keeping the margins close we are able to pay top dollar on all of our coins,watches and other items. In turn we sell right at market value and offer a huge variety of coins and watches to all of our customers.


Established in 2012

Apex Gold Silver Coins started out as a roadshow but i quickly saw a need for more coin shops in the are so we transitioned to a shop in cooks flea market. the low over head in the flea market allows us to keep the margins close and provide excellent service to all visitors.

Meet the Business Owner: Jeffrey Joyce

I have been collecting coins and pocket watches sense i was a small child with my grandfather. We would spend hours tinkering with coins and watches we would hit the yard sales and the auctions together or to say my grandparents would allow me to go with them. I grew up here in Winston Salem went to RJ Reynolds High School lived here in Winston until about age twenty three then moved to Puerto Rico where i was a scuba instructor and a commercial fisherman i lived there for about ten years. Moved back to the states and started working in coins and watches once more.

Apex Gold and Silver