We Buy and sell Coins in Winston Salem & the Triad Every Day Along With Junk 90%, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Eagles & Gold Coins Stop in Today For a Quote!!

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We Buy Sell Coins

How the Process Works:
When you bring your Coins into Apex Gold Silver Coins of Winston Salem NC one of our coin experts will begin the examination of your items with you by sorting and separating your collection. They will then determine the value of the coins based on the date, mint-mark, condition and the precious metals value. A common question at this stage in the process is whether we are going to pay someone the coin (numismatic) value or the precious metals value.
The answer is, “There is only one true value to a coin.”
If the coin is not a collectible but is constructed of a precious metal, then the coin is worth its weight in that precious metal. If the coin is constructed of a precious metal, but has some higher value due to its collect ability or numismatic value, the coin is worth the numismatic value then. Our goal here at Apex Gold Silver Coin is to educate the public. We will gladly go through your coins and explain exactly what you have and what it is worth regardless if you are selling the coins to us, or simply getting an appraisal. After the appraisal process, you can decide what, if anything, you would like to sell. Remember we are always interested in trading – i.e. trade in your unwanted gold jewelry for investment grade silver or gold!!!
For those who have any questions regarding your Coins and Currency collection do not hesitate to ask!! We shall answer all your questions. As an NGC Authorized Coin Dealer, PMG Authorized Dealer, and NCS Authorized Dealer we’ve the answers!!!


Apex Gold Silver Coins in Winston Salem North Carolina is definitely buying and selling Coins. If you are interested in buying and or selling any pre 1965 US 90% Silver Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars & Peace Silver Dollars, and American Silver Eagles we are the coin shop for you. We consistently pay the current spot price for 999 silver rounds and ingots up to and including 10 oz minted bars and rounds whether you have 1 oz or 500 oz. We are always buying and selling investment grade gold coins & bullion: American Gold Eagles & Buffalo’s, Krugerrand’s, Maple Leafs, Pesos, Marks, Francs, Escudos, Pandas, Koalas… We carry Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) 999 Silver 1 ounce rounds, American Silver Eagles, and other miscellaneous rounds and bars for silver investors. We usually have a good selection of NGC and PCGS graded American Silver Eagles in stock.

We buy all Coins and Currency any Condition

Dimes that we purchase include: Barber, Mercury, and Pre-1965 Roosevelt Dimes.
Quarters that we purchase include: Barber, Standing Liberty, and Pre-1965 Washington Quarters.
Half Dollars that we purchase include: Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, Pre-1971 Kennedy Half Dollars.
KEY FACT: To determine the intrinsic silver value of your 90% silver coins take the spot price of silver*0.715*face value. For example if silver is $20.00 per ounce the value of one 1964 Washington Quarter = $20.00 x .715 x $0.25 = $3.57. Using this formula you can determine the value of coins for each denomination i.e. dimes, quarters, and half dollars.
We also buy 40% silver 1965 – 1970 Kennedy Half Dollars and Eisenhower Dollars.
A premium above the intrinsic silver value is placed on all Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. We also buy and sell type coins, which include: Wheat Cents, Indian Head Cents, Large Cents, Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson War-Time Nickels, Early American Silver Dollars, Capped Bust Coins, Liberty Seated Coins, Proof & Mint Sets, Graded Coins, Commemorative, and Foreign Coins.

Apex Gold Silver Coin is Fair we start are offer on gold at 70% unless it has diamonds or the item can be resold then the offer goes up. On coins we buy junk 90% silver at 2 times back of silver spot price and sell at 2 over spot price. Silver dollars we are extremely competitive on as we have buyers for them.
Apex Gold Silver Coin Shop Has a great reputation in Winston Salem and the triad and would never do anything to tarnish it. We point out rare coins to customers and and make sure you understand our offer or no offer and why. We also like looking at just about anything and can show you the fair market value for the item.
Apex Gold Silver Coin is a coin dealer who understands you may be selling items that once belonged to a loved one or one you once loved we handle every transaction with respect and privacy. You may be liquidating part of a estate we understand this and will make you a offer on the items with no pressure to sell that is your choice.
Apex Gold Silver Coin shop has been licensed through Winston Salem NC with a precious metals licence and carry’s a 10,000 dollar bond.
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NCS Authorized Dealers must meet NCS's standards for ethics, professionalism and stability. coins Coins NCS dealer lg

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