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About us Gold Apex Gold Silver Coin is one of Winston Salem most trusted coin dealers

Things to now about us when you mix fair pricing; friendly customer service; and an amazing pricing on buying and Selling you can’t go wrong with This Coin Shop. Apex Gold Silver Coin. We have been serving the people of Winston-Salem, NC and Greensboro, NC since 2012. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or to sell off your items to make room for new ones, we are here to help.

Apex Gold Silver Coin

605 Walnut St SW, Winston-Salem, NC

Phone: (336) 505-9503

About us and Our History

About us Apex Gold Silver Coin began as a road show. Owner, Jeffrey Joyce went to coin shows around the country, showcasing his collection of rare and beautiful coins, metals, and much more. However, in 2012, he realized that Winston-Salem, NC could use a great coin store for the collectors in the area. He opened up Apex Gold Silver Coin in the Parkway Plaza, a shop dedicated to providing excellent services and great prices. We’ve been serving the area ever since.

Here at Apex Gold Silver Coin above anything else we want you to leave with a smile on your face. Some times we cant make a deal on a item but we will always be respectful and polite. In the end we want you leaving feeling good about the deal weather you sell or not.
At our coin shop the philosophy is if we treat you fare on our buy and sell prices you will come back and sell to us again or by from us and that’s just good business.
We will do everything we can to get you the most money for your items sometimes that means we point you in another direction but we are usually the best outlet for your valuables.
Apex Gold Silver Coin is a great place to buy silver and gold. We have some of the most competitive pricing in the triad.

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey J about us About Us DSC01745 300x197
Jeffrey JOwner
I have been collecting coins and pocket watches sense i was a small child with my grandfather. We would spend hours tinkering with coins and watches we would hit the yard sales and the auctions together or to say my grandparents would allow me to go with them. I grew up here in Winston Salem went to RJ Reynolds High School lived here in Winston until about age twenty three then moved to Puerto Rico where i was a scuba instructor and a commercial fisherman i lived there for about ten years. Moved back to the states and started working in coins and watches once more.
Tania about us About Us DSC01755 300x214
TaniaThe Boss
I’ve been a resident of the Winston Salem area since Sept. 2009 after relocating from the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Before living in Puerto Rico I had traveled the U.S. , Central America and Europe as the proud daughter of a US Military Sgt. Since Living here in Winston Salem I’ve acquired an Accounting Degree, worked extensively with the local public
and now as the Co-Owner of Apex Gold Silver Coins aim to help grow the local business community. I’ve been working with Coins and Collectables since Apex Gold Silver Coins origin in 2012 at Cook’s Flea Market til present time at our second Shop and find myself consistently amazed by the amount of history and rarity that walks through the door. I sincerely hope you come by visit.
Steve about us About Us steve 1 300x236
SteveSteve AKA the Ambusher
Hi my name is Steve and i am 1 years old and i don’t listen very well but if you have food i will know exactly what to do. I have many skills but not limited to Sit, Lay down, barking at noises, sleeping, eating my favorite, and begging for my favorite. I have never bit anyone but i do bark from time to time if i am not sleeping. I welcome all people to the shop that are skilled in handing playing toss treats for me to catch bark at you later.