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What we Buy Apex Gold Silver Coin is Fair we start are offer on gold at 70% unless it has diamonds or the item can be resold then the offer goes up. On coins we buy junk 90% silver at 2 times back of silver spot price and sell at 2 over spot price. Silver dollars we are extremely competitive on as we have buyers for them.
Apex Gold Silver Coin Shop Has a great reputation in Winston Salem and the triad and would never do anything to tarnish it. We point out rare coins to customers and and make sure you understand our offer or no offer and why. We also like looking at just about anything and can show you the fair market value for the item.
Apex Gold Silver Coin is a coin dealer who understands you may be selling items that once belonged to a loved one or one you once loved we handle every transaction with respect and privacy. You may be liquidating part of a estate we understand this and will make you a offer on the items with no pressure to sell that is your choice.
Apex Gold Silver Coin shop has been licensed through Winston Salem NC with a precious metals licence and carry’s a 10,000 dollar bond.

What We Buy Good Question Apex Gold Silver Coin Will Buy just About anything of value From Gold, Coins, Watches and Diamonds Stop in our coin shop for a offer!!

What we Buy At Apex Gold Silver Coin, we are proud to buy just about everything, and virtually everything that we buy, we are able to sell right in our shop. Our inventory changes every day as new items come in and older ones find new homes. If you’ve been looking for a gold, jewelry, or Rolex watch buyer in Greensboro, NC or Winston Salem, NC, you’ve come to the right place!
Come into our store today to see our selection or to sell an item you no longer need. Our owner, Jeff, would be happy to evaluate your gold, watch, or coins and make you an offer right on the spot. If you accept, you’ll walk away with cash in your pocket. Jeff takes pride in being able to operate on a slim margin so that he can offer the best prices to buyers and sellers alike. If you would like to get a good idea of what we buy swing buy one of our two shops in Winston Salem NC.

What we Buy This coin shop buys much more than just coins bring your valuables in and we will go through them together.

What we Buy


• Any Condition

• Scrap and Broken

• Fine Jewelry

• Diamonds

• Engagement Rings


• Scrap Silver

• Sterling Silver

• Broken/Damaged Silver

• Sterling Flatware

what we Buy 2 gold wedding rings What we Buy What We Buy 2 gold wedding rings 150x150

What we Buy

Coin & Currency Dealer All Coins

• All Time Periods
• Any Condition
• Junk 90%
• Morgan Silver Dollars

All Other Ccurrency

• All Conditions
• Small & Large Notes
• All Denominations
• Gold Certificate

Watch Buyer and Dealer

Wrist watches

• Rolex
• Breitling
• Longines
• Vacheron Constatin
• Tag Heuer
• Seiko
• Omega

Pocket Watches

• Hamilton
• Illinois
• South Bend
• Rockford
• Ball
• Howard

Jewelry & Diamond Buyer

Vintage & Estate Jewelry

• All Conditions
• Platinum and Yellow Gold
• Broken Jewelry
• Signed Pieces
• French Jewelry

Diamond Rings & Jewelry

• GIA Diamonds
• Broken Diamonds
• Colored Diamonds