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Stumbling UK Economy Shows Importance of Gold

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UK economy outlook bleak amid Brexit, debt woes and rising inflation Confidence in UK housing market at five-year low UK high street sales crash at fastest rate since 2009 Number registering as insolvent in England and Wales hit a five-year high in Q3 UK public finance hole of almost 20bn in the public finances set [...]


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BY JOHN FEIGENBAUM, PUBLISHER & PATRICK IAN PEREZ, EDITOR Fall is finally in the air here on the East Coast of the United States, and the change of season brings along renewed focus to coin collecting. An examination of this quarter's review of half dollars through $3 gold Princess by date reveals a largely stable [...]

The Worth And Quality Of A State-Of-The-Art Dallas Gold Buyer

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price of gold to sell per gram This is the best time to sell your gold is now as the gold prices are soaring beyond belief. To get the maximum cash 4 gold it is good if you can sell your gold at the right time. The time is great for sell off all your [...]

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BY PATRICK IAN PEREZ, EDITOR The month of November kicks off with a bang in the form of the Eric P. Newman Collection auction. To be held by Heritage on the 1st and 2nd of the month, this sale represents part eight of the overall collection. While Newman had an incredibly wide area of numismatic [...]

Wozniak and Thiel Fuel Bitcoin-Gold Debate: Gold Comes Out On Top

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Gold versus bitcoin debate makes further headlines as tech experts weigh in Peter Thiel tells Saudi conference he believes bitcoinis underestimated and compares to gold Steve Wozniak tells Money 20/20 that bitcoin is a better standard of value than gold and U.S. dollar -Both men recognise that the US dollar has little value and there [...]

Hands-On: The Bravur BW003 Automatic

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Over the last 5-10 years, we've seen a ton of small, independent brands pop up selling quartz watches for a few hundred dollars, usually with a hip, Scandinavian or mid-century aesthetic. Many of these companies are selling tens or hundreds of millions of dollars worth of watches each year, which means more and more people [...]

4 Omega Dive Watches That Never Made It Into Production

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When it comes to museums operated by watch brands, the Omega museum in Bienne is definitely one worth a visit (and if you're not planning a trip to Switzerland, there's a website as well: It is located just across from Omega HQ, admission is free, it's open on Saturdays as well as during the [...]

Where To Sell Jewelry

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purchase gold Sell gold to make great profits, as it is very easy to do so. It is a great investment both tangible as well as liquid. People are often confused about gold shares when they buy it to sell. Gold shares are shares of it. However, buying and selling gold stocks means that you [...]

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San Francisco Gold Buyer – Instant Cash When Wish To It

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It's become very popular to host a residence gold party. You've probably seen some reports to the TV news about many people hosting gold parties. Even while trading gold isn't quite anything new, because pawn shops were doing it for several years, what is new is the way in which these parties generate such a [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: Dave Bowers, Books, and America’s $10 Gold Coins

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by Dennis Tucker, Publisher, Whitman Publishing A new book on U.S. gold eagles ($10 coins) will debut just before Thanksgiving 2017. Its author, Q. David Bowers, nicknamed the Dean of American Numismatics, has been studying U.S. gold coins for more than 60 years, and writing about them almost as long. He has examined more than [...]