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US-China Trade War Escalates As Further Measures Are Taken

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US-China Trade War Escalates As Further Measures Are Taken – Trade war between two superpowers continues to escalate – White House likely to impose steep tariffs on aluminium and steel imports on 'national security grounds' – US may impose global tariff of at least 24% on imports of steel and 7.7% on aluminium – China [...]

PRESS RELEASE: David Lawrence Rare Coins Acquires Hall of Fame Collection

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David Lawrence Rare Coins of Virginia Beach has purchased one of the most impressive sets of U.S. coins that has ever been assembled. The collection, pieced together by mega-collector Bruce Morelan via Legend Numismatics, was set to be auctioned through Legend Auctions in May. However, in advance of the auction announcement, the set was acquired [...]

CDN Saturday morning video podcast kickoff with John & Patrick

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We're starting a new series of podcasts here at Coin Dealer Newsletter. This year we will post new podcasts once or twice a month hosted by John Feigenbaum and Patrick Ian Perez, with special guests. In our first episode we ramble on various topics about CDN's newest publications and a surprise announcement about our flagship newsletters.

Weekend Round-Up: Two Special Colors, Making Screen Prints, And The Secret Strength Of Cockroaches

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Alright, it's been a little while but we're back with Weekend Round-Up. In case you forgot, this is a weekly digest of the best non-watch stories from around the web, including the articles you need to read, the videos you need to watch, and the podcasts that should have you reaching for your headphones.  Enjoy. [...]

Business News: Smartwatches Are Both A Blessing And A Curse For Fossil

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Apple's launch of the Watch in April 2015 has had a profound impact on the watch business. Media attention has focused for the most part on whether Apple poses a threat to Swiss watchmakers. (Not without reason: It is affecting the high-volume, under-$1,000 segment of the Swiss industry.)  But the Apple Watch's biggest impact, as [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Legend Rare Coin Auctions to Auction the Oak Crest Collection of Carson City Half Eagles and Crow River Collection of Peace Dollars

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Two important collections will anchor the May 2018 New Orleans Regency Auction (Lincroft, NJ)-Legend Rare Coin Auctions is proud to have been selected to sell two outstanding collections in the firm's 26th Regency Auction, the official auction of the PCGS May 2018 Members Only Show in New Orleans: The Oak Creek Collection of Carson City [...]

Talking Watches: With Roger Smith

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Today we're delighted to have with us one of the most respected figures in all of watchmaking: Mr. Roger Smith. Among his myriad accomplishments, he worked for many years with Dr. George Daniels, the inventor of the co-axial escapement. Roger continues Dr. Daniels' work today from his own atelier on the Isle of Man, where [...]

Is The Gold Price Heading Higher? IG TV Interview GoldCore

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Is The Gold Price Heading Higher? IG TV Interview GoldCore Research Director at GoldCore, Mark O'Byrne talks to IG TV's Victoria Scholar about the outlook for the gold price. In this interview, Mark O'Byrne, research director at Goldcore, says the fact that the gold price did not spike during last week's equity sell-off was to [...]

PRESS RELEASE: January 2018 CAC Coin Auction Highlights

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At the official auction of the FUN Convention by Heritage in early January at the Tampa Convention Center, CAC approved coins brought substantial premiums over coins of same date, type and certified grade sold then or in the near past. Here are ten examples among many that could be listed: 1. A CAC MS-66 1942/1 [...]