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A Coin Shop, A Smile, And The Persistence Of Memory

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The latest data from California’s Employment Development Department shows that the county’s unemployment rate increased to 10.5% in July. As you’ve learned over the past few years the data from the state agency and the national Bureau of Labor Statistics are flawed. The data only reports the people who are actually looking for work along with the people hired during the reporting period.

The vault operators need to operate in each of London, New York and Zurich. There are only 2 practical choices – which are Via Mat (Swiss owned) and Brinks (US owned). We used to vault at Brinks, but we switched to Via Mat in April 2007. Our customers seem to be happier with Via Mat because of its Swiss ownership.

Coins have several different values that we should define before we start. The first value is what is referred to as the face value and what is stamped directly on the front of the coinage. An example would be quarters (25 cents), dime (10 cents), and a penny (1 cent).

“>coin dealer Jamestown or coin dealers who are willing to give you the information.

U.S. coins minted before 1965 (except nickels and pennies) contained 90% silver and about 10% copper. Back in the old days, our money represented something we could melt down and would actually be a valuable metal. From 1965 to 1971, the United States cut back on silver use to a 40% formula for coins, and after 1971 the precious metal content was gone.

Generic coins, or rounds, are generally produced by private mints who create coins with interesting designs, but have no rarity or special value associated with them. They are commonly printed with the words “.999 Fine Silver” and “One Troy Ounce” to make the contents of the coin clear. The value of a round is based on the content of the precious metal, not for the condition or rarity of the coin.

We will miss you Norm. We won’t let Annie suffer alone. We will be there for her. We will mourn for a long time but the good memories will not be forgotten. I know that Ryan his son, and his wife and the grandchildren will be a great comfort to each other. Rest in peace Norm.


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