Announcements: The Grey NATO Is Now A HODINKEE Podcast hero 4

We are thrilled to announce that The Grey NATO is officially joining the HODINKEE family. Now, co-hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey are both regular contributors to HODINKEE (and have been for years), so it made complete sense to us that their wide-ranging, bi-weekly discussion of varied nerdiness should be a HODINKEE production. After launching the show in January 2016, Jason and James have produced some 65 episodes, all featuring in-depth conversations about everything from adventure to gear, cars to great books, diving to travel, and (of course) watches. The show is approachable, fun, light-hearted, and family-friendly – and if you’re into any of the topics mentioned above, you should definitely give it a listen. 

While we know that many of you probably already listen to The Grey NATO, for those just hearing about it now, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite episodes to give you an idea what to expect from the TGN boys when the mics are on. 

The Grey NATO, Ep. 59 – Collecting Watches? 

The Grey NATO, Ep. 33 – The Perfect Watch Trio

The Grey NATO, Ep. 14 – TGN Summit

The show is moving from its usual Tuesday release date to Thursdays, and a new episode will drop every other week. You’ll also get a post right here on HODINKEE that will include bonus material, photos, and show notes, just like what you get with HODINKEE Radio. Basically everything else will stay the same, including the current feed for the subscription. Jason and James will continue to wax poetic about anything and everything they find interesting and we really hope you subscribe and give TGN a listen.