Coin Collecting – Pennies, Quarters Along With The American Eagle Silver Dollar

//Coin Collecting – Pennies, Quarters Along With The American Eagle Silver Dollar

Coin Collecting – Pennies, Quarters Along With The American Eagle Silver Dollar

As a child I began coin collecting, and today, as an adult, I still treasure my Mercury dimes, Wheatback cents (pennies), Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters and my many other coins and bills from around the world.

Coins can be collected by series. Meaning, a coin collector can start by trying to obtain one example of each coin from a specific type. Again, the U.S. State Quarters are a good example. Many people tried to get one coin from each state as it was issued.

I’d seen pictures of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar in my Blue Book, but it just didn’t seem “manly” enough to me to care about a coin featuring (in my words) “some lady in a dress.” Besides that, I didn’t care for the Eagle on the reverse of the coin. It seemed over-sized, and out of proportion to the rest of the coin. But I was required to have one to complete my “Twentieth Century Type Set,” so I went to a “>coin shop Summerfield

I’m not very excitable. I think gold – particularly held overseas – is necessary for effective wealth storage in the modern era, and it will for some years be an extremely important component of private savings. What I do get a kick out of is providing something which is so important, and so fairly priced, that customers go to the effort of writing thank you letters. We publish many of them on our Customer Comments.

As for coins, the problem is that they are bought on very large premiums to the spot price, they are sold at substantial discounts to the spot price, and they leave you with all the domestic storage problems which wealthy people try to avoid. I keep six gold coins, three Sovereigns and three Liberties (I like the feel of the Liberty “Buffalo” best). I expect they’ll eventually be lost or stolen or I’ll have to leave them to someone when I die. But there’s a tiny chance they’ll be useful before then!

If we are not experiencing inflation, why has the price of precious metals continued to rise? There are two factors. One, the falling dollar, and two, a few people know that monetary inflation is on the way. The gold and silver markets are very small. When investor demand kicks in, driven by fear of inflation, precious metals will be in high demand. I believe silver investing will be more profitable that gold. And locally at least, silver investing is coming back into vogue.

Coin collecting become popular in the 1930s when the United States began distributing commemorative coins. More and more people began recognizing the value coins had, whether they were specialty coins they sought out or coins in their own pockets. So if you want to start collecting, here are a few things to know.

Anyway, that’s the news from beautiful San Diego today. Keep your hands on your wallet, run to the nearest coin shop and buy gold coins and silver coins in the amounts that you can truly afford and hang in there. Silver is also expected to rise in value in the coming because of the declining world economies.

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