As a child I began coin collecting, and today, as an adult, I still treasure my Mercury dimes, Wheatback cents (pennies), Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters and my many other coins and bills from around the world.

The owner took out a couple low-grade coins, then said that he had some “nicer” coins as well. He pulled out several coins which were in AU (About Uncirculated) condition and my jaw dropped. (It’s amazing that I remember the moment vividly 45 years after the fact!) I purchased a “slot-filler,” but was so enamored with the Walking Liberty that I actually forgot to pick up the Barber Half Dollar that I had purchased. The shopkeeper had to remind me that I had purchased it.

Here is quick chart to show you how the demographics of silver have changed from 2001 – 2010. As you can see that demand in some areas have increase dramatically over the decade while other have declined greatly.

Call your local coin dealer. Do a Google search on a local “>coin shop Stokesdale