Swatch design hero.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1 Introducing: The Swatch X You Lets You Design Your Own Custom Swatch Introducing: The Swatch X You Lets You Design Your Own Custom Swatch swatch design hero

Swatch has just launched new product, which is also a new feature on the Swatch website: the ability to create your own custom Swatch. While Swatch already makes such a plethora of models and designs that the idea of designing your own might seem a bit redundant, choosing from existing models is never going to be quite the same as putting something together that’s a bit more of your very own, which is what Swatch x You is meant to let you do.

The basic procedure is quite straightforward. You pick a basic model on which to build, and then proceed to choose case color, dial color, upper and lower straps (you are free to choose different strap designs for both) and strap keeper (or “loop” as Swatch calls it). You can also accessorize the strap with individual, well, accessories these are sort of the Swatch equivalent of a charm bracelet, and they let you give the watch a more individual feel. Swatch has put a quick video together that walks you through the (very) uncomplicated process.

There are so many different possible combinations that your chances of ever running into someone else with an identical Swatch x You seem vanishingly small (and hey, maybe if you do, they’re your soulmate). Prices are right in line with those for technically equivalent non-custom models (between $85 and $95) and the whole process looks exactly like you’d want something like this to be if you’re designing your own Swatch fast, fun, and cheerful. Start making your own at