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Some Words About Gold

Collecting coins is a hobby that anyone and everyone could do. But collecting quarters is a hobby that – currently – it is estimated that one hundred six million Americans do. Men, women, and children of all ages are involved in collecting quarters.

Bars are more rare to find in coin shops than rounds, but they are available from time to time. More likely, you will purchase bars from a large dealer over the phone or online. Popular retailers include APMEX, Bullion Direct, and The Tulving Company.

If you want to avoid the extra expense of having to plan a trip to Egypt in order to see pyramids, and just happen to be in Rome, then why not take the subway to see a real pyramid? It was built in honor of one of Rome’s top magistrates by the name of Caius Cestius Epulo around a decade before the birth of Jesus Christ. The pyramid of Cestius reaches 100 feet in height and is made of white Carrara marble. Cestius’ edifice eventually became part of the Wall of Aurelian during the 3rd century.

“>coin dealer Advance, where I stood transfixed by a souvenir that I’d never be able to take with me.

As you learn more of the history, stories and details that is American numismatics, you’ll start to build a collection that best fits your interest and your wallet.

Thirdly, make sure that you find a trusted and reputed dealer to buy silver coins from. You might have to check with several dealers before you settle on one because silver is not generally kept in stock. Buying silver coins will be made easier if you have a great relationship with your dealer. Now that you have purchased your silver coins, you should keep it ideally in a safe, either in your home or at the bank. You now have physical possession of your silver coins so you need to keep them safe.


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