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The best Coin shop in Winston-Salem NC is Apex Gold Silver Coin

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The best Coin shop in Winston-Salem NC is Apex Gold Silver CoinIt’s been 6 yrs since Dave Jeff opened up Apex Gold Silver Coin Shop in Winston Salem North Carolinia right after retiring from the roadshow.


Jeff first opened in cooks flea market where he offerd great prices and still does an built his client base in 2010.


“I come in each morning excided to see what treasures com though the door you never no what you will see in the day anything from a graet Morgan Dollar or a buautiful Rolex Watch.




Besides purchasing coins, scrap gold, watches, old toys, and almost anything of value. Jeff and Tania just enjoy looking at new items and hopfully somthing that we have never seen before.


Apex GoldSilver Coin Shop furthermore buys and sells coins, Gold Coins, Watches, silver and gold Bullion. We buys scrap silver and gold, along with silver and gold jewelry. Also it sells reference publications, collecting supplies, gift and plaques items.


He began accumulating interesting coins – such as for example Morgan Dollars – as a young child. “It sort of struck my elegant,” Jeff explained.


Jeff began purchasing coins about 2008, and had a booth in the Flea Market mall  in Winston-Salem for approximately 4 years before opening their own coin shop in 2014. It’s been recently at its current area since 2015.


“I had kind of wished to do this (trade coins) when I got into this,” Jeff said of operating a new coin shop. He’s thinking about unique coins especially, such as silver coins released by the us mint a century ago. “I love these (paper information) because the us coin have so much history.


The U.S. Mint offers boosted fascination with coin collecting with the continuing state quarters system that began in 1999, and the America the stunning Quarters Program that began this year 2010, Jeff said. The previous presented quarters that honor each condition, while the latter functions quarters with styles that depict national parks along with other national sites.


But some other U.S. coins are popular also.


“Silver dollars are very well-known and Lincoln cents are, too,” Jeff said.


Apex Gold Silver Coin Shop furthermore buys and sells forex, including coins from old Greece and Rome, Tim said.


He’s got seen ancient coins market for from $2 to one hundred.


Currency with errors on it is valuable also. Jeff pointed to a 1922 Lincoln penny created by the U.S. Mint in Denver that’s missing the “D” that’s likely to indicate where it had been made. It’s on the market at the coin look for $2,050.


“After 4 or 5 years here it grew on me a bit,” Jeff said. “I noticed I could earn a living at it.


“I like being my very own boss,” Jeff stated of owning a coin store. “And it’s not similar thing every day. You see a complete lot of people can be found in with interesting stories to inform.


The majority of the shop’s customers reside in Forsyh and Davidson County.


“A complete lot of clients are serious collectors searching for numismatic coins,” Jeff Said. “Some customers desire to own silver and gold as sort of a hedge against what may be decreasing the line.”


Some customers buy units of coins issued through the full year they were born, or that their kids were born, as a keepsake.


This coin shop is graet to deal with friendly and fair in their pricing i have dealt with other coin dealers but i like Jeff and Tania at Apex Gold Silver Coin the best


Apex Gold Silver Coin

Jeffrey J

605 Walnut St SW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Phone Number

(336) 505-9503

Business Hours

Mon – Fri – 10AM to 4PM
Sat- 12PM -3PM