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There Is Fun In The Hunt For Silver Coins

I used to collect pennies as a youth, but more recently went back to more serious collecting. Because there are so many newcomers like myself, I thought I would share the basics I almost forgot. Whether it’s for fun, investing, or profit, you need to know what you are doing. Assuming that you are seeking individual already-minted US silver or gold coins, the following applies. The value of a coin is determined by it’s (1) rarity i.e. the number of coins minted and (2) it’s condition. When buying a coin, consider how the condition was decided. If it’s the owner’s opinion, beware. That can be very subjective. That’s why you should choose coins that have already been graded by a reputable service. Use only first-tier, or national recognized agencies.

Bullion is the bars of silver you find at your bank. They are valued in weight and are meant for investment and not collectibles. Some banks buy and sell silver and issue certificates as proof of ownership. This is another foolproof way of buying silver as investment. You should be careful when investing in any forms of precious metals due to the high price and market fluctuations.

(Q) What does BullionVault offer the regular monthly investor who wants to buy a couple of ounces each month for his long term investments….what advantages does BV offer over the one ounce Krugerrands found at a local “>coin shop Trinity

To earn the spread you simply act like a market maker. Offering the cheapest gold – just, and bidding the highest to sellers – again just. If you manage to buy and sell and take the small spread, you’re making the market, just like the professionals although probably with smaller deal sizes. BullionVault is absolutely unique in offering this to the private investor, and don’t think for a moment that private buyers can’t cope. They love it.

I’ve learned that credit card debt is all the same. Expensive. You may earn points from the purchase, but that doesn’t come close to what you’ll pay in double digit interest.

Fitness and Morale have been overhauled, so recovery items are more important. Neutral morale is now default and high morale is only obtained by players regularly playing and winning. Nonetheless, players with low and high morale are only obtained by players regularly playing and winning.

You could end up losing the coin value of silver dollars or gold coin value to the interest on a credit card. Use a credit card only if you have to, and pay off the principle every month, if you do use one. Otherwise use a different way to purchase your coins.


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